Latest Delayed Harvest Trip

When deciding to go on a much needed trip to the local trout stream I had remembered that an old high school friend had shown much interest in fly fishing for trout. So like any respectable fly fisherman I shot him a message and invited him out on his first trout fishing adventure. Now in preparation for this trip I knew that I had to be super professional and be able to show this friend how its done. But to my surprise this trip taught me way more than I feel like he may have learned. Like any other time when reuniting with an old friend there is the catch up time and the how have you been moments. But this was short lived as we began to approach the stream. As expected I was bombarded with questions on how and what we would be doing. These questions came as a relief as they helped me remember the things I love about trout fishing on the fly. As the day went on we laughed and had a great time just being in the vast world that God left for us to explore. He taught me many things about looking for creatures out side of the stream as I taught him the basics of how to nymph and hunt for willing trout. The time was greatly spent as we went up and down the stream, we learned so much together and shared time that will not soon be forgotten.

In this blog I want to share the things I learned from taking my friend out on his first ever trout fly fishing trip.

First and Foremost:

Just because you have all the fancy gear do not cause the person that you are taking to buy everything the first go around. We were able to fish the whole day with my friend not having waders and we had great success


Know where and how you are going to fish. This will ensure that you and the other person will have a great time. With knowing these things you can really help prepare this person on what to expect.


Remember that this trip is more for the person you are teaching and not for you. The more time you spend trying to show off the more and more you push them away from the sport.

And last but not Least:

Learn as much as you can from this person as they will try and learn from you. Take this opportunity to explore the possibilities that there may be something else you dont know. Its a givin that this person has done a lot of research and is looking to just expand and applied what they have already learned themselves.

I look forward to being able to spend time again with this friend on the water and cant wait to see the things he has learned on his own that he can share with me.

Here are a few pictures of our adventure

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